Carrom Game and Carrom Powder

Published: 07th January 2009
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As all of is are aware the carrom game is played on a board made of lacquered plywood, with a 29 inch (74 cm) square playing surface. The edges of the playing surface are bounded by thick wood, and the four corner slots of the board has net nets to hold the coins pocketed. The operation of the game is to strike or flick with a finger a comparatively heavy disk called a striker aimed at sending the lighter disks known as carrom-men into one of four corner pockets. The Carrom board is the most important accessory of the game and it can be compared to a playing field of any outdoor game. Carrom boards are available in various sizes as smaller boards and boards with larger pockets, are often used by beginners for easier gameplay.

The carrom-men are arranged at the start of a game in a particular fashion. Thecarrom-men are small disks uniform in size and designed to have a smooth movement on the surface of the carrom board when hit by a striker. The carrom-men come in two colors denoting the two opposite contenders. Traditionally, these colors are white and black. The beginner always plays white and the other party black. An additional, special carrom-man is in red color and called the queen.

The red queen is the most powerful carrom piece. It is placed at the center of the circle. If a player wins the board with the queen, this adds five 5 queen points to the player's total score. A player has the right to pocket the queen and to cover it provided a carrom-man of the player's own has already been pocketed. The size of the queen is the same as those of the other carrom-men.

High quality powder is used on the board to enable the pieces to slide easily. Carrom powder is sprinkled on the board's surface to reduce friction, thereby enabling smoother and faster play. However, the powder most commonly used on th carrom board is boric powder. In certain European countries, the players use a version of spray powder used in the printing industry which has specific electrostatic properties and made from pure, food-grade vegetable starch. Essentially, there are two basic types of carrom powder. The traditional commonly available powder is boric and works quite well. There is a new type of super fine powder that comes in small plastic bottles, which is non-toxic and performs well. Since a very small quantity of this powder is needed to be applied each time, it is actually cost effective.

You must remember not to use two different types of powders simultaneously. If you wish to switch from one kind of powder to another, wipe off the old powder completely with a soft cloth before using the new type of powder. Carrom is a lively game full of fun, excitement and entertainment. It is universally appealing game and the charm is great in the game itself. Carrom is very easy to play and the rules of the game are simple and easy to follow. Carrom is known to many people and it is played in many countries.

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